Quick Straight Teeth™ (QST) in Marmion

We know that not everyone is born with a straight, beautiful smile and a confident smile has the potential to be your best and most memorable asset.



Braces have changed over the years! Gone are the days where the only option was chunky metal braces. QuickStraightTeeth™ uses tooth coloured braces to straighten your teeth, and give you that smile you’ve always wanted.

QuickStraightTeeth™ braces look beautiful and discreet with top quality, almost invisible brackets and wires, making your them virtually invisible. Most people won’t know you are wearing braces at all and treatments can take as little as 6 months to complete.

QuickStraightTeeth™ can boost your confidence, raise your self-esteem, and give you a winning smile. QuickStraightTeeth™ is one of the most widely used orthodontic systems in the world.

While newer technologies such as clear aligners have given patients more choice about the type of treatment they undergo, braces remain one of the best ways to achieve dramatic results over a short amount of time. QuickStraightTeeth™ only focuses on your front teeth and takes far less time than traditional braces.

QuickStraightTeeth™ won’t always be suitable for everyone which is why we encourage you to book your free consultation appointment with Dr Stephanie to discuss further.


Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, are one of the most popular options for adults looking to undergo orthodontic treatment.

They are transparent pieces of custom-moulded plastic that sit over the teeth and gradually shift them. Often hailed as ‘invisible braces’ because of their subtlety, they are also a removable appliance. While you usually need to wear clear aligners for 20-22 hours a day, you’re able to take them out to eat, drink and clean the aligners.

Clear aligners can be an effective, simple and comfortable form of treatment. However, they’re only suitable for people who are disciplined enough to follow instructions on how to wear and care for their clear aligners. 

Talk to Dr Stephanie today at your free Orthodontic assessment to see if Clear Aligners would be suitable for you.